Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Game 47 - Oh well

The Nets just don't show up, down 7 after one and 17 at the half. They make a half hearted run in the 4th, getting to 9 under, but a bad call by the refs on what should have been a goal tending results in a 4 point swing, and before you know it, they're back down by 13.

It was a discouraging show, an indication that Kidd has given up on the team and the team has given up on him.

Word also has come that the Nets, belatedly, are trading Jason Collins to Memphis for the bust Stromile Swift. The estimable Lawrence Frank set up a play to start the game that resulted in an ally oop to Collins who stuffed it.

The only wonder is, why didn't you use that play earlier, genius?

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