Friday, February 15, 2008

Game 53 - What a difference a day makes...

Well, I wrote my paean to JKidd on Tuesday, and lo and behold, on Wednesday the trade is announced. It looks like Kidd is gone.

And so are the Nets. And they proved it tonite.

I have never seen a game be over so early. This game was over when it was 6-2 Raptors. It was clear the Nets were devastated and demoralized. RJ and VC looked angry, and Boki was in red eyed tears. Teammates talked like they were at a wake, and then they played like it, too - except they were the deceased!

There was no aspect of this game that was even professional. It was a total embarrassment. Guys! You're professionals! Pull up your socks, huh?

I said this season was over, what, a month ago? And I don't back off that. They will not make the playoffs.

But JKidd's departure does not mean the end of everything. VC and RJ can play. Armstrong can play point. Boone and Sean can still get better and better.

Apparently Kidd had been sulking all season, at least since the Nets' refusal to extend his contract. Right around then VC went down for 6 games, and so did our boys. If Kidd was gonna sulk all year, the Nets were toast.

I presume all the young players - Sean and Boone, Marcus and Wright - all were being hand raised by Kidd personally, since they all looked very very lost out there. If that's so, the Nets are still toast.

I don't see how the Nets can "rebuild" since they won't even have their new building for two years now. Who's gonna wanna come help them? Who's gonna wanna come watch them?

Thorn is being lauded for the trade, but JKidd was the only thing keeping this motley squad together, or so one would conclude from tonite's lack of performance.

But that is the reality. No Kidd.

And now I, the season ticket holder, who could always find some enjoyment watching this guy play, has virtually nothing to look at but some sad guys, licking their sorry wounds...

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