Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Game 48 - Starting to slide again

The Nets are not the only team to have just concluded a trade with the Grizzlies. The Lakers also did, and got Pau Gasol for basically nothing, and guess who the Nets play tonite?

Nonetheless, the Nets play them tough and at the half it's tied at 47. But they flub rebounds continually, giving the Lakers perhaps 5 2nd and 3rd chances, all of which they capitalize on.

The Nets go down by 4 after 3, and you think maybe, just maybe. And what a big win it would be! Especially with Gasol playing with them. And Kobe gets hurt and his performance is minimized.

But the Nets are a dispirited team, and lost by 15.

They play Orlando tomorrow, a good team. They are 20-28 now. Another loss is likely...

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