Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Game 49 - Not since the days of Butch Beard...

...have I seen such lousy, listless, dispirited basketball. Empty games in a cavernous arena.

Back then, the Nets had no players. Now we have uniforms.

I tuned into the game and the Nets were remarkably up, 30-22. They're outshooting the Magic 48-31%.

Not for long.

A 25-8 spurt dooms the Nets, who don't need much to roll over.

After the game, Frank says the team must defend the honor of the jersey, that that jersey has seen a lot of winning and proud moments, and the players need to honor that.

20-29 is not honor. It is a deep hole. Last year at this time, 22-27.

There is such sadness surrounding this team, I have not gone to the arena, nor have I tried to give away the tix.

I wish that if Kidd is to be traded that it happens sooner than later.

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