Friday, January 25, 2008

Behold the shimmering brilliance of Lawrence Frank!

So here we are, 57 seconds left in the 5th game of an abysmal road trip, and the Nets are down by 10, by TEN, and the Great and Powerful Lawrence Frank calls timeout.

What in the world is he possibly thinking?

Did he call a play? Did the Nets have a chance? No, of course not, but the formidable Frank was the only person in the arena or the viewing audience who didn't know that.

So he had them foul, which a) slowed down the game to a crawl, prolonging the agony, b) allowed the Nuggets to score from the foul line, and c) made things worse. And allowed a team, for the 6th game in a row, to score more than 100 points against you. While they were shooting 36%.

The Nets had 85 points at that point. When the final buzzer sounded, they had 85 points. What was accomplished?

The best thing that could have happened was to allow the Nets to get off the court as soon as absolutely possible, get them on the plane to Minneapolis, let them get some rest and get out of the building ASAP.

No. Use up your hoarded, precious (my precious!) timeouts, tell your humiliated troops to undergo more humiliation and dig the hole deeper.

If he is trying to make a point, what could it be?

No, he's way over his head. He relies on a formula, win or lose, irrespective of the deficit. OH! 57 seconds left! CALL TIME, CALL TIME! Foul them right away!

Hey brain boy - your team is dead. They stopped responding to you a couple of years ago. They don't respect you or your judgement. You have one ace in the hole - and owner who could give two whits about "his" team, "your" team. You think Rod actually believes that stuff about you as a coach?

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