Saturday, January 5, 2008

Game 32 - Mediocrity Achieved!

The Nets have now won 6 of 7. They have completed the second second half comeback victory in a row. They have an active rotation.

And they are 16-16. Mediocrity defined.

The two comeback victories are overshadowed by the fact that they were necessary. That they got down by double digits against Orlando on the road is understandable. That they got down to Charlotte at home is unforgivable.

31 points given up in the first quarter. Down 10. At home. During a streak. Ugh...

First half shooting - 33%. By my count, 11 missed layups. This is a game, ladies!

Second half shooting - 57%.

At least they are coming back in the second half. A month ago they would just stagnate.

6 of 7. And they needed that to get to .500...

Last year they finally got to .500 at 20-20. Then they went in the tank again.

Finished 41-41, and needed a 4 game season ending winning streak to get there.

Frank says, I think we're finally establishing our identity out there. Well, if 16-16 is their identity...

On to Atlanta. A road game. Whew! Away court advantage!

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