Friday, January 11, 2008

Game 35 - Pokin' Over .500 Again

I was sick as a dog with the stomach bug, so I didn't go, and couldn't even watch TV, so I didn't see much of the game.

What I did see was a superior team exert its will on an inferior one, especially in the 2nd half. Good character win, especially one night after stepping in a hole.

Oddly enough, Charlotte went to Boston and beat the Celts at home!

18-17. Not where you want them to be after 35 games. A loss vs Boston makes them 18-18 with 2 more home games and then the longest road trip of the year, a West Coast swing, 6 games, with 4 of the subsequent 6 on the road as well.

They've been better on the road than at home, so that's the good news.

We'll see. The Boston game should tell us a lot.

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