Friday, January 25, 2008

Game 43 - 0-5, 0-8

Score with 2 mins to go in 1st - 14-11 Denver.
Score at end of qtr - 19-11 Denver.

Nets down to a team shooting 29% at the half. By 16 points.

What does a guy gotta do in this leauge to get fired?

And the refs in the NBA are the worst in all of professional sports. Case in point: A technical is called on Darryl Armstrong. AI shoots. Misses. Pounds ball into the floor so hard it goes up 20 feet. Should be a technical right? If so, Iverson is gone for the game. The refs don't react, they don't even conference. They leave him in the game.

A coupla minutes later, Nachbar, who is not even dressed for the game, gets a technical for standing on the court.

C'mon, Stern. Now more than ever you need good refs...

Not that it would make any difference to this sleep walking team.

The Nets score 31 point in the entire 1st half, and needed a three in the last minute to get that high. Miraculously, at the end of 3 they're down only 6 points. But Denver is allowed to reel off the first 12 points of the quarter, and the game is over. The Nets don't score until there is only 7:10 left in the game. They're outshooting Denver 41-36% and they're losing by 16.

I have seen some bad Nets basketball over the years, some really, really awful basketball. But those teams had no talent, no chance, lots of injuries and legitimate teams like the Knicks, Celtics, 76ers and Bulls in their division and conference.

This team has no excuse. They are the worst team in the NBA, and they are about to prove it against Minnesota on Sunday.

Rod, either trade them all or fire Frank.

Or resign.

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