Monday, January 21, 2008

Game 40 - Mailing it in

I did not watch this game. I was watching the Giants game. I flicked to it a few times, particularly in the 1st Quarter.

It was getting away from them very early. End of one, and they're already down 15. They never recovered, as bad teams do not.

As I flicked back and forth I saw the Nets be down by 11 several times, but they never made a serious run at the Suns.

They mailed it in. They are now 18-22, and have ensured themselves a losing record by the mid point. They're 9-8 on the road, still miraculously over .500. Too bad their home record is an embarrassing 9-14.

They've lost 5 in a row. Sacramento is next, their best shot at a win before they play at Minnesota, with games at Golden State and Denver intervening, both several games over .500. The best they can realistically hope for is a split of those 4 games. That would put them at 20-24. However, it is more likely they'll be 19-25.

What did we say?

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