Monday, November 12, 2007

A blog about the New Jersey Nets???

Oh yeah!

I'm the guy who is not supposed to exist - I have been a Nets fan for 40, count 'em, 40 years. I followed the team from NJ (Americans) to LI (Americans, then Nets, to rhyme with the Mets and Jets (who were named to rhyme with the Mets) - by the way, there was actually a pro TENNIS team called the NY Nets as well...), back to Jersey (at the RAC, then to the Meadowlands Arena cum Brendan Byrne Arena cum Continental Airlines Arena cum Izod Arena), and soon to Brooklyn (the Bruce Ratner Ha-I Got My Development Project Thru Anyway! Arena).

I have seen bad basketball turn into great basketball (Rick Barry) turn bad again turn into amazing basketball (courtesy of the J - the Nets were better than the NBA best Warriors), cross the river and give up Erving for the privilege, turn into almost contender basketball (Buck Williams and Super John), go south with an amazingly stupid trade of Buck for that all time great, Sam Bowie, stay bad until the very underrated Bill Fitch turns them into a playoff team, become a contender under Chuck Daly, go back in the tank when he "retires" (oh, sure), stay in the tank despite getting Keith Van Horn, Kerry Kittles and Kenyon Martin in almost successive years, until unaccountably Rod Thorn comes on board and then Jason Kidd, and then suddenly the Nets are in the finals two years in a row and could have made it three had Kidd not become incapacitated. They are on their longest run of playoff appearances - six seasons in a row.

I've seen really stupid trades, one miraculous one (Jason Kidd for Stephon Marbury) and one that might have worked out great, for Vince Carter, but so far...

Anyway, despite this recent success, the Nets as an organization continue to make the most colossal blunders imaginable - leading up to the announcement of a move to Brooklyn FIVE YEARS before actually doing it (optimistically), throwing a wet blanket on what could be a great fan base.

And I'm still here...

That should tell you something....

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