Saturday, November 17, 2007

Prediction for the West Coast Roadtrip!

Question - When was the last time the Nets won two games on a West Coast roadtrip?

The Nets squandered, FLAT OUT SQUANDERED, their opening homestand, going 3-5 at home. They are 4-6. This after starting the year 4-1.

Four game West Coast road trip coming up.

Prediction: They will lose all 4. They will return with a 4-10 record.

This is the third autumn the Great Lawrence Frank has coached the team. Let's look at their record after 14 games each year:

2005 7-7 (2 wins on a 5 game West Coast swing, by the way)
2006 5-9 (after an 0-4 West Coast swing)
2007 ????

Look, Bruce Ratner used the Nets to get his project done. He does not care one whit about the team. And he will NOT stand for getting a new coach and be on the hook for Frank, whom the Nets unaccountably resigned.

The Nets are condemned to this sub-mediocrity with a superior talent laden squad.

I need to come to peace with this. I am a season ticket holder...

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