Sunday, November 25, 2007

Game 14 - Even Steven

A win is a win.

The Nets had a 12 point lead with 4 minutes to go. They had battled back from a 12 point deficit at the half, a half when they shot their typical 37% and had typically finished the quarter poorly.

But their third quarter effort was really superlative. By its end the game was tied at 72.

The fourth quarter saw the effort continue. And so with 4 minutes to go there they were, with a 12 point lead.

With a little more than a minute left they were down by 2. Just like that.

Timeouts called by Coach Frank in that period: 0. Typical.

During this period the Nets missed 5 of 6 free throws at one point. Typical.

And the game came down to another potential Milt Palacio opportunity - to lose.

And two strange calls - an offensive goaltending call on VC, a three point shooting foul on JKidd, you could see it falling apart.

Nonetheless, there was defense in the end, despite the score. They did come back from 12 down.

They showed great character to do so. I give them credit.

VC made several key shots down the stretch. I give him credit.

Kidd, as always, RJ with his fearlessness, Boki on both sides of the court, Wright with good D on an indifferent Kobe. All deserve credit.

3-1 on the West Coast swing. First time they have won the Thanksgiving road trip since 1997. Three wins in a row, so a streak is on going home against nother troubled team. Back to .500.

All deserves recognition, credit.

But they were still in position to lose on the final shot. They did not have destiny in their own hands. All the things that have dogged them in the Frank era dogged them tonight.

As I said, I will say this many times this year - a win is a win.

I just wish I felt like somebody was learning something.

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