Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Game 11 - Told ya

I watched about 3 minutes of the end of the first half. Nets had a chance to close to 5, but instead, a typical end of quarter collapse, the hallmark of the Lawrence Frank era, put them down 10 at the half. I went to bed expecting defeat.

Maybe they might find some character and make close, I thought.

Nope. 102-75. Not competitive. Not caring.

Kidd rips the team afterwards. Now the rumors are he wants out.

The surprise of this season is that the Nets are in the middle of the pack (21st out of 30) in attendance.

Imagine if Kidd leaves....

Honestly, JKidd is my favorite player in the NBA, and not just because he's a Net. He single handledly turned a moribund franchise into a playoff franchise and a contender for 3 years. It's flat out remarkable what he's done. He is by far the most intelligent player in the NBA, Steve Nash included. He deserves to play on a contending team, a team with some visibility. A team with a future.


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