Saturday, November 17, 2007

Game 10 - 11 good minutes...

The Nets hit their first 7 shots. Miami is in disarray. Sean Williams is looking like the real deal. With 30 seconds left in the quarter, they are up 23-15, an 8 point lead.

The Nets cannot close out a quarter, half or game. Have you noticed? Cannot do it.

By the time the first quarter ends, the Nets are up, but only by 5. The Nets have dominated; the Heat are in disarray. But the Nets are only up 5.

Halftime - Heat 45, Nets 35. The Nets have turned it over 20 times already.

Wait - it gets better! With 1:40 to go in the half the Nets were only down 39-35. They were outscored 6-0 during that time, including a layup, a LAYUP by Wade with less than a second to go. During that 1:40 the Nets shoot 0-1 on FOUR POSSESSIONS - that's right, one shot in FOUR POSSESSIONS.

How many time outs did Mr. Frank call during that time? 0

How many time outs did Coach Frank call during the 2nd qtr, when his team was in disarray? 0

How many time outs did The Great Lawrence call in the half? 0

The phrase "settle your team down" is absent from Frank's vocabulary, from his consciousness.

And thus it is absent from his team's performance.

End of the third - 63-61 Miami.

The Nets are shooting 52%! Unfortunately, they have 19 fewer shots than Miami...

They pulled to 60-59 with a minute left. It looked like another classic Nets poor finish, as the Heat went up 63-59. But Nachbar drains a shot as the clock expires.

But the Nets miss their first 4 shots and go back down by 8. Lawrence Frank "lets them play"...

It's the same old story, every game. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Nets don't score until the 9:25 mark, while Miami has scored 6, then when Kidd drains a 3, so does Miami, right back.

When will it dawn on this boy wonder to start Kidd in the 4th and to CALL A TIME OUT TO KEEP THE GAME WITHIN REACH? Especially when your team is not scoring. And the clock is ticking...

And here's what happens - exactly how The Great Lawrence Frank set it up:

The Nets are down 4 with a minute to go, but they have two time outs! Isn't that great?

By two miracles, Dwayne Wade misses BOTH foul shots AND altho the Nets barely get the rebound and are tied up immediately, Joey Crawford gives them the time out, their last one.

The Magnificent Coach gets to call a play!

Inbound pass perfect. RJ's position - perfect. Puts up the layup, right under the basket...

Doesn't use the backboard.

Nets lose.

Hey, brain boy - tell me something: Would it be better to have stopped the "runs" that Miami had and go into the final minute up 10, or to be down 4 with two timeouts?


Frank - your strategy NEVER WORKS!

TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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