Saturday, November 17, 2007

Game 9 - Shoulda stayed in traffic

Because of traffic, a late running appointment, and more traffic, by the time we got to our seats it was 29-14 Orlando. The Nets were shooting 20% at the time. They rallied to shoot 29% for the game...

There was one sequence in the first half where the Nets missed 4 consecutive layups - on one possession.

At one point the Nets had rallied to 56-49, made a stop and had the ball. J Kidd found Sean Williams all alone, driving to the basket, uncontested. A layup brings them to 5, on a night when Orlando was struggling (41% for the night, but 38% after 3). But no - time for the highlight reel - DOH! The "slam" bounds away, Orlando scores, pulls away again.

Even still, as miserably as they played and shot, the Nets find themselves down only 69-61 at the end of 3. Fourth quarter opens and they get a steal and foul shots. One of two, 69-62.

That would be the last point they scored until 5:45 left in the game...

This was a sorry effort by a sorry team with a sorry attitude.

And their sorry coach can't get them out of it.

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