Sunday, November 25, 2007

Road Trip Postmortem - WRONG WRONG WRONG

I was about as wrong as I could be about this road trip. An ugly loss and three ugly wins, not a negative sweep. 7-7 coming home, not 4-10. A remarkable come back win, huge turnaround performance in the last game.

Give credit where credit is due.

The other teams stink.

But 3-1 is 3-1, and 7-7 is not 4-10, 5-11 or 6-8, either.

I had no or little faith in this team when they left. Even on this road trip, they won 3 games by a total of 12 points - 4 points per game. That's how fragile the victory margin was.

Will Frank or any other Net learn anything from this?

Whether they do or not, they deserve credit. 3-1 is 3-1 and 7-7 is definitely not 4-10.

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