Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Game 12 - When you least expect it...

...they play with passion. And accuracy. The Nets shoot 54%. Imagine. Of course, Portland shot 56%. But a win is a win, I guess...

They jump out to a 15-8 lead. I'm in the car. By the time I get home Portland has gone on an 18-4 run and are down 26-19 after 1. Frank calls a timeout (the only one of the half...) when it's tied, but didn't he get the idea before then? Oh well, at least he didn't wait for them to be down 10...

Normally, this is the end of the Nets. They won't come back, and at one point in the 3rd they're down by 1o. 3 mins to go in the 3rd. But they do pull thru and finish down 5 after 3.

And then, lo and behold, they close the gap early on in the 4th. They had to have shot 60% in the fourth, which doesn't hurt, but the key play of the game came with the Nets up 3 and 7 seconds to go. Boki tries a 3 (why in the world are they trying a 3?????) and who gets the rebound? Jason Kidd. Gets fouled. Sinks both (altho the first one was an adventure). Game over.

Are the Nets coming together? Was it because Carter is back?

Or is this just the laws of probability exerting themselves?

The Nets are a 40% shooting team. They shot 54% tonite. Was that it?

Why, after all this time of the "Big Three" being together, do we not have any confidence that we know who this team is?

A win is a win. They should beat 2-10 Seattle. There would be your 2 wins on the road. They could play the 7-4 Lakers with house money.

We'll see....


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