Sunday, March 2, 2008

Game 59 - Oh well...

The good news is that from the 6:00 mark of the first quarter on, the teams played dead even.

The bad news is, they were down 10 at the time, 16-6. That proved to be the margin of loss.

Here's some more bad news:
- 35% shooting
- 27 field goals, only 8 assists. For the entire team.
- Out rebounded 51-42

The Nets fell in love the the jumper a couple of games ago. Last game they shot 68% in the first quarter, twice the rate as tonite. They finished at 51% last game, 17 points higher than tonite.

The Nets pulled with 4 a few times, but couldn't make it stick.

And then there's the old standbys - end of quarters:
Last 2 mins of 2nd: outscored 4-9, -5

Here's their record since the trade:

My prediction thus has to be revised down - 28-39 at the end of the trip.

The Nets cannot move forward with this coach. .500 is the best expected outcome.

.500 ain't gonna cut it.

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