Saturday, March 29, 2008

Game 74 - Don't know what to say...


1. Season in a nutshell. Coulda won, but made too many mistakes: missing 5 of 7 free throws in the last 2 minutes, shooting 3s on fast breaks when those possessions could have brought them within 2. And how many times are we gonna see 4 Nets standing around flat footed while THE ONE opponent gets the rebound?

2. Fire Frank. He waited too long to call time out in the beginning of the third. Weird subs.

3. Losing teams never get calls vs winning teams.

By losing, the Nets not only do mortal harm to their playoff "hopes", they ensure the first losing season since 2001.

They played well, but not well enough, or smart enough to contend.

The Nets have eliminated themselves. They have their excuses - RJ says JKidd checked out in training camp. Rod Thorn thinks it was all about the JKidd turmoil. Frank says it's all the new players joining a team seeking its "identity".

If this loss happened in December, we'd say, okay, not bad. Even now, even with all the disappointment, we still say, okay, not bad.

Our expectations have been lowered. No one wants to make the playoffs anymore. No one wants to win. Avoiding embarrassing losses are the highest virtue. That and glimpses of what the team might be next year.

What can one say?

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