Monday, March 10, 2008

Game 64 - Houston, we don't have liftoff

Same things continue to apply:

Last two minutes of 1st: 2-7

Last two minutes of the half: 1-5

Shooting pct 1st half: 22%

3pt pct in 1st half: 0%

28 points total in the half. That's LESS THAN 50% of the point total when they beat the Bucks and scored 68 in one half. They got only 2 points more than that in the ENTIRE GAME vs San Antonio. And the Nets would need 42 points in the second half just to make that humiliating total...

What's the point?


Okay, game over. The lost by effectively 20. They scored 45, count 'em, 45 in the second half to finish with 73. They broke 20 only in the last quarter. They shot 30% for the game, and ZERO from 3pt land. ZERO!

They let a 41 year old Dikembe Mutumbo (remember him, Byron?) dominate them inside. RJ and VC combined for a whopping 25 points. They should be AVERAGING 25 a game, EACH of them.

Frank's postgame comments were worthless, as were Carter's.

This is a sad, sorry team.

I made a prediction that the Nets would be 28-36 at this point, and even that proved to be optimistic.

Fire Frank, please, Rod.

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