Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Game 65 - A Needlessly Shaky Win

Cleveland is a mediocre team, but in the anaemic East they qualify as a good team, even if they swapped 1/3 of their roster with the Bulls. Even still, Ben Wallace did not play, nor did Ziggy.

So it should be an easy Nets win, right?

Looked like it would be - 38-20 after 1. Ok, I've seen many teams cough up a 1st qtr bulge like that before. But 58-47 at the half, looking pretty good.

Well, of course, "teams in the NBA go on runs", the Magnificent Frank has intoned, excepting of course his own club, and so here we are, with 5 1/2 to play, and the Nets are ahead by 1. ONE! Cleveland goes on a 22-10 run, and Frank calls one time out, has a TV timeout, but still hoards them.

I'm sick of such coaching. Just sick of it. I can't even enjoy a gutty win at the end.

Please fire him...

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