Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Game 60 - Deja vu, only less

At the end of the 3rd quarter, the Nets were losing to a team shooting 35%. By 12.

Funny enough, the Nets were shooting 40%. And losing. By 12.

At one point in the second quarter it was 37-37. The Nets got their 38th point 5 minutes into the SECOND HALF.

So many times in these past two games the Nets got it to 8 and had the ball, but every time they could not close the gap. Turnover, needless 3 with 17 left on the shot clock, offensive foul, jumper with nobody under.

Once the Nets get down 10, AT ANY POINT IN THE GAME, they are done for. First quarter, fourth quarter, any point in between.

The Nets give off an aura of patsy, from the coach on down. The refs pick up on this. With 6 minutes left in the game the Nets have taken just 8 foul shots. SA has taken 24. A difference of 16. At 75%, the NBA average, that adds up to 12 points. Sound familiar?

Tim Duncan scored on a play where he took 4 steps. Ginobili made an assist where he tucked in the ball, "like Ahmad Bradshaw", Marv Albert helpfully added, ran four steps, then passed it. No whistle.

I am sorry, then an NBA game has such a differential in foul shot opportunities, you're not calling a fair game. Three times as many proves bias, period. Space space.

Stat just went up - Nets scored 29 points in the first 15 minutes, 27 points since. Their shooting pcts, by quarter:
1 - 67%
2 - 26%
3 - 33%
4 - 17%

At this moment, with less than 3 minutes left, the Nets are losing to a team shooting 33% - by 17! I have never seen anything like it.

Frank can't help this team. The refs sense the kill and abet it.

What's the point?

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