Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Game 66 - Finally, a quality win!

So, 66 games into the season, count 'em, 66, and the Nets finally get a quality win!

Utah had just beaten the vaunted (and overrated) Celtics in Boston and had come down to play a diffident Nets team. The expectations were, hey, let's just have a competitive game.

Up by 3 after 1 (and scoring 32 points), they were down by 7 at the half, and 5 after 3. Usually they would pack it in.

Instead this time they showed grit, selflessness and one had a view of what the team could be like if it tried.

There is enough talent on this team to win 50+ games, easily. Even without Kidd.

Can they keep it up?

This week coming up is key - Chicago on the road, Atlanta at home, the two teams they are competing with for the 8th spot.

We'll see...

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