Saturday, March 8, 2008

Game 63 - Mailing it in

No, I'm not talking about the Nets, altho they, too, mailed it in.

I watched the Devils, then UNC vs Duke, and only at the end did I flip over to the Nets g(sh)ame. 100-81 with 5:00 to go in the 4th. I checked Sportsline to see the box score. Down by 9 after 1, 18 after 2, 22 after 3...

I'm not very interested in this blog any more, playing out the string, just like the Nets. I have nothing new to add or say. Frank can't coach in game. The team has stopped listening. They don't care. Thorn has done his job. The owner could give a Ratner's ass.

BTW - the lowly Hawks picked up a game and a half on the Nets tonite, to bump them out of the 8th ("and final") playoff spot. The Nets have yet to lose to Houston on this "brutal" road trip.

The only thing brutal about it is the level of play of the Nets.

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