Friday, March 7, 2008

Game 62 - Alley...Oops!

This is flat out no fun any more. This is drudgery...

That's how the Nets must feel.

I watched the Devils tonite, then Bill Moyers. By the time I turned it on it was the 4th quarter and they were down 15. Ho hum.

They had a 3 point lead at the half. NO opens up the 3rd with a 16-2 run. The Talented Mr Frank didn't call timeout until it was a 12-2 run. He was actually challenged by a reporter in the post game - why didn't you call another one. Well, you wanna have a few in the bank, at least one, for the last 20 seconds of the game... Brilliant...

I watched the highlights on the postgame. Alley oop! Alley oop! Alley oop! Nets standing flat footed... Alley oop! Alley oop!

Remember 2002, 2003? It was the NETS who were the running team, the fast break team, the JKidd to Kmart alley oop! team. Now the Nets are the Washington Generals of the NBA.

Alley oop!

At one point as they break for commercial they show Tyson Chandler running off the court laughing at the Nets.

I can't imagine this team winning another game all season. Frank is depressed and dejected - he has no solutions, won't change his rigid approach, and the team is not listening. They are incapable of playing a full 48 minutes. Alley oop!

Frank's postgame assessment was right on and very perceptive - they got a lot of fast breaks off our long perimeter jumpshots. Profound, really. So, brain boy, WHY CAN'T YOU COME UP WITH A WAY TO STOP THAT???????????

Ratner doesn't care. Thorn has done his job in the best way that can be expected. Frank cares but is incompetent. The team senses all this and doesn't care anymore.

I don't care any more.

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