Sunday, December 2, 2007

Game 16 - Groundhog Morning

Ok, we all know the script:
- Fast start, no defense
- JKidd MUST come out with 2 mins to play in the first qtr.
- Nets down 9 after 1
- JKidd sits out the first half of the 2nd
- Nets down 10 when he gets back in
- Stupid foul at the end of the half
- Nets down 16 at the half

Shooting pct at half: Phi 59 NJ 37
Rebounds at half: Phi 28 NJ 12

How many times are we gonna see this stuff this year?

-Nets have furious 3rd qtr and trail at the end by 1
- Nets dawdle in the middle of the 4th and trail by 5
- Nets come back and have a 2 pt lead, and the ball, with 43 secs left.

Now, might this not be a good place to call timeout, set up a play, go back up by 4 with, say, 25 secs left?

Of course not, and Philly scores on foul shots. THEN the Nets call timeout (one play too late, a Lawrence Frank trademark), set up a play, and VC misses the shot.

OK, overtime.

15 seconds left, Nets up by 5. Remember that.

Philly has TWO POINTS in OT up to this point. But they launch a 3. Twish. Two point game.

Phila fouls right away, RJ cans one of two. Three point Net lead, 8 seconds to play.

Nets foul right away, in the back court, which ensures that no matter what happens, the Nets will be up by at least 1.

Ok, stop right there. Go back.

Remember previously, Nets up 5, 15 seconds to play. WOULDN'T HAVE MADE SENSE TO FOUL AT THAT POINT??? The Nets obviously had that in mind, since they used that strategy the rest of the game. But wouldn't it have been better to make it a 5-3 or 5-4 game than a 3-2 or 3-1 game?

It amazes me! He obviously gets the strategy, but even still doesn't implement it in time. One play too late.

The killer is, Philadelphia had a chance to WIN. That's right, only 2 seconds left but if you don't believe it can happen I have two words for you: Milt Palacio.

Air ball. Nets win.

A lot of people are getting on the Nets fans, but I have to say, they were cheering at the end and jubilant when they won.

But to be honest, it felt like a loss...

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