Saturday, December 29, 2007

Game 30 - Can the Nets play all their games away?

Still in Orlando, and watching the Giants/Pats on tv, I was able to keep one eye on the Nets gratia beloved Slingbox, and this time, also gratia pdaNet - so I watched it on my laptop.

The Nets did get one very crucial, very lucky break - up 78-77 with the ball, Malik Allen appeared not to get a shot off before the 24 second buzzer, but it wasn't called. He missed, but Carter got the rebound, fed Kidd and he drained a 3. Nets up 4 with 5 mins to go.

Despite other miscues, the Nets made that margin stick.

At one point in the 4th the Nets were 8 of 17 from the line, less than 50%. Thanks to a Milwaukee strategy to foul to extend the game (sound familiar?), the Nets ended 12-23, for less than 50% for the game. They actually were better from the field than the line. That's just embarrassing.

2 in a row, 4 of 5. Can we get a streak going, guys?

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