Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Game 25 - They did it! (No, not win...)

Well it took 25 games, but I don't look forward to watching them. I am sick and tired of watching this much talent underperform game after game after game after game after game after game...

Know when this game was lost? At 0.01 of the 1st period. For the third game in a row, and perhaps the 6th time this season, the Nets allow a buzzer beater 3. Sacramento 28-25.

Game over.

4 minutes to go in the 4th. 85 all. Sac takes a three. Good! And he's fouled! Four point play! 89-85. A four point difference they could never close.

Oh sure, they had chance after chance after chance after chance after chance:

JKidd launches a 3pt brick. (12 on shot clock)
Nets get stop.
VC bricks (18 on the shot clock)
Loose ball foul on Sacramento.
RJ bricks a 3 (6 on shot clock)
Nets get stop.
Lost ball turnover on RJ.
Salmons drives and gets a dunk.

Nets down 6, 91-85. 1:30 burned off the clock.

Number of drives to the basket by the Nets during that run - 0.
Number of drives to the basket by Sacramento during that run - 1.

Net result - +2 for Sacramento.

Nets outshoot their opponent for the 4th game in a row, this time shooting over 50+. 50-45.
Nets outrebound their opponent 45-31.

And lose.

The Nets are officially the worst team in the NBA at guarding the 3.

Lawrence Frank has the temerity to say during the postgame: We need to find a way to put together a complete game.

Um, isn't that your job, Larry?

This team is in a deep, deep funk, lacking confidence, lacking identity. For the 4th year in a row in the Lawrence Frank era. Give him a mulligan for Year 1, when Kidd was out. How can a team with 3 veteran stars come out year after year after year, seaching for an identity?

They have an identity - they are gross underachievers. They are a team without passion.

They are a bad team very poorly coached.

I am sick of watching them.

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