Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Game 22 - Will it ever end?

Harold Geneen, wizard of ITT, said:

Performance is your reality.

Basically he was saying the numbers that indicate your performance is your reality.

So here are the numbers:

The Clippers had lost 8 out of 9 coming in, this the first game of a road trip, after a transcontinental flight.

The Nets shot 30% for the game until the last minute, when some uncontested layups brought it up to a lusty 32%.

The Nets shot 0-15 to open the 4th; 5-25 for the entire period (and again, I believe 3 of those were uncontested layups).

The Nets got 20 turnovers, but only 10 points from them.

To my count, the Nets missed more than 10 layups in the game.

Jason Kidd, once again, got a triple double.

Final score: Clippers 91 Nets 82.

Look at it on the bright side - they shot near 20% better on Sunday and lost by 15. Maybe they're better off shooting 30% than 50%...

Finally, on the post game, fans are starting to ask almost exclusively coaching questions. Capshaw and Carino did their best to hew to the party line, but even wrapping up they were openly discussing the poor coaching.

Even they mentioned that altho the Nets were 9-13, they had started last year 9-13 as well, were 7-14 the year before and 10-14 the year before that, and made the playoffs all 3 years. So "Frank has that history of getting his team into the playoffs". I mean, really guys...

But then even they had to question whether the team can keep going back to that mode year after year. They mentioned that for a team with Carter, Kidd and Jefferson to be struggling like this, to be down 10+ points every game at home certainly points the finger at the coach.

But Capshaw brought up the 2 year extension. It would be a lot of money to buy out Frank.

Especially when you have an owner who doesn't care. Stefanski leaves and he is not replaced. The coach is rewarded for barely getting an allstar team into the playoffs with a 2 year extension.

I despair that this is going to be the return to the crap that reigned in the Meadowlands for decades, a return to the 17 to 35 win seasons. Why wouldn't JKidd want out? Why would VC want to stay in?

This season is a mess. It's no fun going to the arena.

Will it ever end?

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