Sunday, December 9, 2007

Game 21 - Franks Wash-out

Only down by 4 in 1st altho had been down 10.

Up by 6 at half, altho Wash had last shot.

Up 59-50. Washington gets it to 59-55 and nets are in disarray. No timeout called. What is he waiting for????

Timeout only called when Nets get down a point, ie, a 10 pt turnaround.

Tied at 70, Nets out shooting 58%-42, but Wash has taken 10 more shots and 6 more freethrows, all of which they made.

Nets up 72-71 and Carter fouls shooter shooting a three. Stupid foul. All 3 drained, Wash up 2.

Last minute. So far Nets have been outscored 3-0 at the end of the quarter, due to foul. Bad shot, another foul. 4-0. 5-0. (Kidd's on the bench, btw) Airball 24 sec violation. Wash will get last shot again. Good. 7-0 run. Washington leads by 6.

Commentator: "Nets once again not being able to finish a quarter, which frustrates Lawrence Frank." HE'S THE FREAKING CAUSE!

Twelve point turn around, unassisted by Frank.

Nets let Wash score 36 points. And Nets are OUTSHOOTING them 57-43!

Open the 4th. Kidd still on bench... That's helpful, brain boy Frank!

Hey, LF called a timeout! Just after Wash went up by 8! Great Larry boy! Only ONE QUARTER AND 14 POINTS TOO LATE!

Mark Jackson: What are the Nets trying to accomplish on the offensive end?

Being outshot 54-30 in the 4th.

Here's how Lawrence Frank teams have fared up to December 9th:
2004 5-13 (Ok, Kidd out with injury for beginning of the season)
2005 9-9
2006 7-11
2007 9-12

No Gil Arenas. Lose by 15.

Washington started the season 0-5. They now have a better record than the Nets.

There is not a single positive to be taken from tonite's game.

Clearly, it is Frank. He must go.

But the owner doesn't give a Ratner's ass. Get my project thru. And Rod Thorn looks like a guy ready to jump ship. Stefanski was allowed to leave. JKidd gets a migraine and people automatically think he's mutinying.

Lawrence Frank is an infected boil on this team. His infection is festering in this team. They look shell shocked, out of answers.

Frank has coached one of the best teams in the east to mediocrity for 5 seasons now. He is single handedly killing them. They have no hope while he rules the bench.

Because he has no clue. None. Whatsoever.

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