Monday, December 17, 2007

Game 23 - Cirque du Soleil

That's where I was - at MSG of all places, watching Cirque du Soleil's "Wintuk", as a guest of my wife's company. I have been going to see CdS for nearly 20 years, having first seen them performing literally in a parking lot in San Francisco. They are fabulous, and you owe it to yourself to go see them, whether at MSG, Disney World or one of their 3 Vegas shows. Or anywhere!

So I wasn't at the Meadowlands. I would still choose CdS in general, but how I wish I had been there tonite! An entire game against a superstar player. A bad start out of the gate and another (!) buzzer three at the end of the half (what is that, now, 3 this year alone - forget about Milt Palacio (not that I'm bitter, of course...)). Yet they maintained their composure, captured the lead and maintained it despite a strong charge by Cleveland.

RJ apparently played great D on LeBron and the Nets shot 48% for the night. Boone and Sean have emerged as a tandem to be reckoned with (it's looking like Krstic is not gonna make a comeback this year).

There is hope...

They play the lowly, ugly, dysfunctional Knicks tomorrow night at (ironically) MSG. They got blown out by the Bulls tonite, with Curry being held scoreless. The Nets are on an upswing and the Knicks have to make a two hour flight in disgrace and get back on the court in less than 24 hours.

Could this be the beginning of the turnaround?

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