Sunday, December 9, 2007

Post Game - Frank vacuity

Frank's post game can be summarized as follows:
- "we" didn't commit to defense
- "we" were not the agressors on offense.

Whose offense are they running, brain boy? Bill Cartwright's? Brian Hill's?

Who's supposed to get the team to commit to anything? Jason Kidd? Rod Thorn?

The Net's offense is this - stand around the arc and take a jump shot. Period.

What in the world does this man bring to the team? Are they listening to him? Does he help them in the game by knowing when to throw cold water on runs? The OTHER TEAM'S RUNS? Can he call a play even if he does call time out?

Altho this is the first time I have been a season ticket holder, I have watched every game, basically, since 2002. I have never seen a team, not even the lowly Knicks, play the same game over and over and over again. This is because any coach worth 1/10th today's salaries could figure out This ain't working. Try something different.

Does Frank vary his substitution pattern? No.

Does he vary his timeout pattern? No.

Does he change his offense? No.

What is his value?

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