Friday, December 7, 2007

Game 20 - Didn't need to go

End of 1st qtr - down by 10
End of half - down by 15

Sound familiar? It's so repetitive I didn't even need to go tonite. I could have written this post and stayed home.

Is Lawrence Frank the only one who is not getting it?

The Nets are 4-8 at home. It's Dec 7 (a day that will live in infamy).

In 2001-2002, the Nets lost 8 games at home the ENTIRE SEASON.

Last 8 home games: 1-7 and the 1 was an overtime win over hapless Philadelphia.

Through it all, Frank maintains his mechanical substitution patterns...

No wonder Kidd had a migraine the other night. I'm getting one myself!

Here are the halftime scores for those 7 losses:

12/7 Houston 48-33 (and a 3 at the buzzer was disallowed)
12/5 Knicks 51-42
11/27 Memphis 58-45
11/17 Miami 45-35
11/16 Orlando 45-32
11/12 Hornets 49-37
11/10 Celtics 59-52 (only single digit deficit at the half of the run)

And here's the kicker: The game they WON, at halftime:

12/1 Phila 51-35

And just before that loss run, here's the halftime score of the game they won:
11/8 Wash 41-36

That is, the Nets have not had the lead at home at the half since NOVEMBER 6, over a month ago. And only twice were they within 10, and only won one of them.

Here's the first quarter scores of that run:

12/7 Houston 28-18
12/5 Knicks 26-18
12/1 Phila 28-19
11/27 Memphis 28-25
11/17 NETS 23-18 (lost anyway)
11/16 Orlando 25-10
11/12 Hornets 26-21
11/10 NETS 27-26 (against the Celts and they lost anyway)
11/8 Wash 27-15

Even the two games they actually won during this "run" ("this is the NBA and teams are gonna make runs..." - Lawrence Frank. Okay, so how come it's never the NETS??) they had to dig out of major holes, as early as the first quarter.

Night after night after night the Nets are coming out flat. What should that tell you, Frank?


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